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  • Er det fordi jeg bor i Oslo?

    Er det fordi jeg bor i Oslo?

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Empty Frame presents: “Er det fordi jeg bor i Oslo?” (“Is It Because I Live in Oslo?”) by Kjersti Johanne Barli, an artist and illustrator, based in Oslo. She’s 26 years old, born and raised in Verdal in the midst of Norway, and moved to Oslo five years ago to study illustration. This Emptyframe exhibition…

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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Empty Frame and Fritiden Min presents VERSUS, an exhibition by Rashid Akrim and Ståle Gerhardsen. Both starts on a piece each, which is then sent back and forth and back and forth again. Like a creative tennis match with no rules. A challenge and an opportunity to keep up the creativity. The end result, as…

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    Empty Frame presents “Stars” by Anette Moi, a 28 year old illustrator, graphic designer and artist based in Stavanger, Norway. Moi finished her bachelor degree in graphic design last year at London Metropolotan Universty in England. Last year she had her first soloshow, “Funfair”, at Reedprojects Gallery in Stavanger, Norway. With the exhibition “Stars” Moi…

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  • Dirty land

    Empty Frame presents “Dirty land” by Gustavo Bockos aka Vokos, an art Director, Designer and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. He does art Direction, advertising campaigns, fashion Photography and illustration for different clients and commissioned design works. “Dirty Land” is an experimental contemporary pop culture exhibition. Through mixed media posters, adult content and known…

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  • Visceral

    Empty Frame presents “Visceral” an sales exhibition by Sergio Haisch. Sergio Haisch was born in La Paz, Bolivia 31 years ago; where, while studying media and communication, works as a reportage journalist. He moves to Norway in late 2003 and five years later he starts studying Graphic Design at Westerdals School of Communication. After finishing…

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    Emptyframe together with GONG and Fritiden min, presents this unique sales exhibition. We have invited some of the best Norwegian creatives to show of some of their work. The exhibition takes place in Oslo and Trondheim. You will of course find selected work here @ If you are interested in buying a artwork please…

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  • 12 V.A.B

    Current exhibition runs from september 12 to october 12. Empty Frame presents 12 V.A.B an exhibition by David Stenmarck a Oslo based artist/illustrator. 12 V.A.B – BSPERTUKLK, PTRLEKSKBU, RBPUSKEKTL, UPRKLESBKT, TKBKPRUSLE, URKKTLBESP, TURBKKSLPE, TRUPKBELKS, RPUEBSLKKT, UTKBEPKSLA, KURKLBEPST, ETBKRPUSKL is the name of this exhibition. And the texts is twelve variations of the Norwegian word “blekksprut”,…

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  • The Prince of Narcissism

    Current exhibition runs from april 18 to may 9. Video interveiw in the bottom of the page! Empty Frame presents “The Prince of Narcissism” an exhibition by Jon Arne Berg / Jab, a young, creative, talented graphic designer and illustrator from Oslo, Norway. He is just finishing his bachelor degree in Visual Communication at the…

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  • By Mr.Edwards

    Empty Frame presents A legend in the design industry. He is a collector, image maker, award-winning typographer, designer, art director, lecturer, street artist, scrabble fiend and Mr. Bean look alike. And he lives and work in Sydney, Australia. His name is Mr.Edwards. He creates Iconic retro images with a Pop Art feel, combining found images…

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